Alcohol Adjustment

What We Need:

  • Wine clean racked or better (less than 100 ntu)*
  • Total gallons in the blend
  • Initial alcohol % of the blend
  • Target alcohol % of the blend
  • Whether the wine is a stuck fermenation or contains large solids
  • MOBILE, or ship to whichever of our many locations is closest to you

*Stuck fermentation and dirty wine are easy conditions for us to handle, but you need to let us know up front so we can plan appropriately



This unique, TTB-approved process does something no other membrane can do: remove only alcohol. Reverse osmosis, and spinning cone distillation both remove considerably more flavors than just alcohol.  The heart of this process is a membrane that is permeable to alcohol, but not permeable to water or anything else.  It is unlike any other membrane process.



Our process is the only alcohol removal process available which applies no heat and no pressure. Our gentle membrane process removes only alcohol, nothing else.  Therefore, there is absolutely no impact on the wine other than the change in alcohol.  You can taste the difference when the wine is not deconstructed and manipulated under pressure, heat, and vacuum.


Other than the obvious impact on the wine of other methods, the biggest problem with alcohol adjustment has been all that wasted wine.  Because our process removes only the volume of the alcohol, our "losses"are 40-60% less than the other methods. Even our tiniest customers save thousands of dollars a year in reduced waste. Contact us today to see a direct comparison.


We offer the lowest prices in all circumstances--from a few hundred gallons to massive blends. Contact us today to see a direct comparison of your cost.  Better really can cost less.


A very small differences in alcohol can make a huge difference in the way a particular wine expresses its attributes. If you would like assistance in finding the right level for your wine prior to processing, just let us know.

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